Partnership for medical transparency

RxREVU and Health Connections have partnered to bring transparency of medication cost and quality to consumers. The two health care technology companies made the announcement at a major health data conference, Health Datapalooza, today in Washington, D.C.

Health Connections provides services for employers and pharmaceutical companies to help employees manage illness, including pre- and post-operative care and condition management. Health Connections will allow employers and health systems access to medication cost an quality information, called prescription optimization, via the RxREVU Application Programming Interface (API).

"As drug prices and value are coming under increasing scrutiny, we are proud to provide the RxREVU prescription optimization dataset to our customers and our users." said Health Connections CTO, Andrew Quinn.

RxREVU is a Denver-based company that delivers evidence-based medication cost and transparency data, based on the latest peer-reviewed research, to applications across the healthcare value chain.

"One of the greatest difficulties in healthcare can be getting a very accurate determination of value. With RxREVU, we'll be able to show real, tangible financial ROI to our customers and users in a very short amount of time." said Marty Jaramillo, CEO for Health Connections. "We believe very strongly in making things simple, valuable and intuitive for our users, and RxREVU fits."

"Health Connections has shown themselves to be one of the most innovative consumer engagement platforms in health care, making it as simple as possible for consumers to take control of their own care.  Similarly, we believe strongly in making things simple and that shows in our architecture and ability to rapidly deploy. We're preparing to begin offering the RxREVU prescription optimization integration within the next several weeks and have it available to Health Connections users by the end of June." Said Carm Huntress, RxREVU CEO.

"This will greatly expand our customer base with a fellow StartUp Health company focused, as we are, on better engagement as an avenue to better outcomes and to keep people healthy. To make this kind of a deal with a fellow StartUp Health company shows the power of the StartUp Health program, where we can work together to accelerate growth as part of a passionate community." said Huntress.

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