Health Connections is one of 14 companies selected into StartUp Health's Academy out of 1,200 applicants

StartUp Health has chosen 14 new digital health companies for its three-year long mentorship program, which aims to turn startups into sustainable businesses.

The company made the announcement today at the Cleveland Clinic’s Innovation Summit. Over 1,200 companies applied for the program, which lasts three years and includes virtual workshops, classes, regular summits, and access to a variety of online resources.....

StartUp Health’s academy program is highly structured and designed to help startups become sustainable businesses. One of the goals for the first year, for instance, is to connect the founders with potential pilot partners, like a chief information officer of a large hospital network. These partners will often turn into paying customers by the end of the program.

Earlier this year, StartUp Health partnered with GE as part of its $6 billion Healthymagination initiative. The startups enrolled in the program can take advantage of many of GE’s software and infrastructure for free...

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