CamelBak® chooses Health Connections to power its extensive health & wellness program

NEW YORK, March 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Health Connections, a white-label mobile platform for care management and health & wellness program delivery, announced today a new relationship with CamelBak, the world's leader in hydration products, headquartered in Petaluma, California. CamelBak will use Health Connections to power its employee health & wellness program, "Bak to Health," for all mobile devices, making it more interactive and engaging on a real-time basis.

Richard Braddock, Health Connections' Chairman, says: "CamelBak and Health Connections share the goal of using simple technology to bring content and data together in ways that are intuitive to the user and repeatedly actionable. Health Connections is a customer-centric, disease-focused platform—interoperable and consistent with the evolution of healthcare. We are proud to support CamelBak as they bring the best in healthcare solutions to their employees. Together we will ensure smarter actions and healthier outcomes."

Given its innovative and outdoors-friendly culture, Camelbak has long been recognized as an exceptional place to work. When it comes to employee wellbeing, the founders of the "Hydration Revolution" have thought of nearly everything, from a fully stocked fitness facility with on-site trainers and healthy snack stations to a fleet of bikes that can be taken to a nearby park. Yet CamelBak recognizes that perks are just one piece of ensuring positive health and morale and are looking to do a lot more for their employees this year with the help of Health Connections' platform.

"Our Bak to Health program is about building a community within our company," explains Trevor Cherr, HR Analyst at CamelBak. "Health Connections makes custom deployment of challenges, communication, individual goal setting and other engaging programming really easy. It's our brand and our schedule, pushed out to our very own app on every employee's smartphone. Health Connections provides the flexible and customizable technology we need to easily deliver our resources how we want."  

Health Connections' Founder & CEO, Marty Jaramillo, is honored that CamelBak has selected their platform to connect and enhance its existing resources. "CamelBak has already invested heavily in programs that challenge its employees to take specific everyday action toward being healthier," he explains. "Health Connections is simply connecting the dots to ensure engagement for those programs, which will ultimately result in better outcomes for all."

The platform allows health & wellness and benefits professionals like Cherr to organize programming and capture data so that they can focus on the greater task of turning insights into more strategic programming over time. From their corporate dashboard, CamelBak's HR team will launch challenges and events, and track participation and health metrics along the way. Health Connections' "Health Circles" interface cleanly categorizes large volumes of complex information into personalized circles on each employee's dashboard. Cherr expects the most engagement within these Health Circles as employees check back to see how they and their teams are doing relative to others.

Cherr adds: "We also chose Health Connections over other vendors also because of its sleek, simple interface, and the ability for users to customize the app as well, based upon their interest and goals. The holy grail is if we can help employees internalize healthier behaviors," says Cherr. "Health Connections' technology takes our program to that next level. We expect to see strong engagement with the app throughout the year and beyond."  

About Health Connections 
Health Connections is a platform that empowers care managers and patients alike to use personalized data to motivate smart actions that result in better health.  Health Connections is a white label solution for payers, providers and employers. The platform equips care managers with the context and tools that they need to drive individuals within their population to take smarter actions.

Health Connections' platform was identified as unrivaled by Startup Health, the growth academy and accelerator, which included the company in its prestigious Healthcare Transformer Academy.  Health Connections' investors include Connecticut Innovations (the state's Private Equity division) and Richard Braddock, former CEO of, who also serves as the Chair of Health Connections' Board, along with other individual investors. Finalist at SXSW and Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit.

About CamelBak® 
Founded in 1989, CamelBak invented the hands-free hydration category and is the global leader in personal hydration gear. CamelBak is achieving its mission to continually reinvent and forever change the way people hydrate and perform by offering a mix of products that include everything from technical hydration packs to reusable bottles and individual UV purification systems. With headquarters in Petaluma, Calif., a wholly-owned and operated reservoir manufacturing facility in Mexico and a distribution facility in San Diego, Calif., CamelBak designs, tests and engineers its products to perform and last a lifetime. CamelBak is owned by Compass Diversified Holdings ("CODI"), and offers products in more than 50 countries. For more information, please visit or call 800.767.8725.



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