Track outcomes and patient engagement

Connect and Mobilize your existing resources using your branding.

Today, providing patients with post-discharge instructions, especially post-operative, is both content and paper intensive.

Providers, resources, and their content exist in silos and so is the data.

When patients are discharged, hospital systems are also reliant on gathering outcomes and patient satisfaction data to drive Value-based reimbursement models.

The post-discharge process to provide the patient their information is time intensive, inefficient, and expensive. 

Health Connections

Key benefits

Simplify: For the patient, consolidate and mobilize health content and programming, along with connecting provider teams

Engage: Reach patients on mobile to build stronger relationships and encourage healthier actions

Measure: Track both outcomes and Patient Satisfaction surveys in real- time. Short and Long Term Health Accountability and cost-savings for a Value–Based Reimbursement model